The Vaulted Sidekick was designed to enhance the joy of snowboarding by creating a more continuous motion, minimizing the time it takes to strap into the rear binding. No more time wasted sitting in the snow or digging shelves. Flip the Sidekick over, strap in, and ride down the mountain.

How to attach the SideKick to your board:

The base-plate of the SideKick has a 3M VHB adhesive mount that functions in cold conditions.  Simply remove the peel ply, center the SideKick between your bindings and flush to the front edge of your snowboard, and firmly apply pressure for ~15 - 20 seconds.  You're all set!


If you want to move the SideKick to another board, simply unscrew the 4 bolts holding it to the base-plate, and put it on another board that has a base-plate already.



The SideKick uses a strong stainless steel spring to recoil back onto your board when you're ready to go.



The sidekick consists of an injection molded ABS base-plate with VHB adhesive, an injection molded ABS mount, an aluminum support arm and pin, stainless steel spring, and an injection molded ABS head (anodized aluminum head version coming later).  The head and arm come equipped with neoprene adhesive foam pads for protection.



  • Total overall size when folded: 2.91” D x 3” W x 2.61” T

    • Base-plate size (part that sticks to the board): 1.65” D x 3” W x 0.16” T

  • Materials:

    • base-plate - injection molded ABS

    • mount - injection molded ABS

    • head - injection molded ABS (anodized aluminum version coming at a later date)

    • arm & pin- aluminum

    • spring & hardware - stainless steel


US patent # 9,545,561